Tuesday, January 15, 1974


I began writing concert reviews a few years ago on a message board thread, started by my buddy Andrew ("drugmassacre" on that board). I started off noting, as per the title of the thread, what concerts I was planning on going to but over time that changed into writing notes about shows I had gone to and that eventually became reviews (or what I call "reviews"). Every once in a while I'd get a reply about something I wrote and I don't think it ever changed anyone's mind or got anyone interested in a show or got anyone to meet up with me at a concert but it's something I enjoyed doing. I go to as many concerts as I can and I love to write so putting those two together is just natural and I'm surprised I didn't start doing it sooner than I did, or at least writing about them and sharing it with more than just a few people in an e-mail circle. In any case, I have always enjoyed posting my concert reviews on that board but I've just felt the itch to get my writings out to a larger audience (even if that audience is actually just more of a higher concentration of people I know) and to be able to control the forum. I've had some great luck in the blogs I have on Blogspot so it was a given I would put stuff up here. It's not hard to get a blog started here... almost too easy.

This is a place for all the concert experiences I've ever had. Ever. I will post all the concert reviews I originally posted to that forum and all the reviews I will write about concerts from that point on. I have saved every single ticket to every single concert I've ever been to (except for one, and it was the most important one, but I'll get to that story later) so I have documents of all the concerts I've attended and I plan to catalog those here. I also have some other things having to do with concerts that I will post here as well.

Granted, this will all be a gigantic amount of work so you will see things changing every time I'm here. I won't be just adding new entries, I will also be adding and altering past entries, so please move around this blog as much as you can. Chances are you came here or will come here again from a link I sent you that goes to a specific entry so this is a non-issue. Especially as I am cataloging old shows and reviews, I will generally be going from the most recent and moving backwards in time. And I will be doing more work on entries I've already posted, perhaps to add set-lists I find or to make additions I think of later, so this place will be very fluid, from beginning to end.

I won't be including pictures here. I don't take a lot of pictures anyway and there's a certain breed of photographer that takes great pictures at concerts but that's not just me. I might have a link to pictures elsewhere if I find something or somehow come up with something extraordinary but it will be infrequent. And I know the power of featuring images to accompany writing, as well as breaking up huge blocks of text (which I am known for) but I personally don't need pictures just to read something and I won't assume you need too. I might change my mind on this later but don't expect it.

I would also really like to make this blog interactive so I encourage you to leave comments. Chances are, you're here because you're a friend of mine and if that's the case, we probably went to a show together. I'll mention people I've attended shows with (and hopefully I remembered to send you a link to the post) so if you were there, please leave your thoughts and notes your experiences you had there. Yes, this blog is all about me but I'm all about my friends and family and loved ones, even more than concerts (though that difference can be marginal. I've been to some great shows).

Thank you! Good night!

(Key: A star ("*") by the set-list means that I personally documented which songs were played (so, conversely, if there's no star then I got the set-list from elsewhere. Either could be open to error). A line-break in the set-list means that the band left the stage and came back, making the rest of it an encore.)