Friday, March 26, 2010

Metric, March 26 at the Palladium

I had seen Metric the summer before and as far as I was concerned that was the definitive show for them for me (for the parts of it that I could remember), at least for that tour, but Ahmed was obsessed with them at the time and it was a night out so I went. Another great show from a great band but that shouldn't be a surprise. I thought it was impressive enough that they sold out the Wiltern but then they also played the Palladium, which holds a couple thousand people more. You'd think it was a hometown show, or at least that they are American. And I don't even know which song of theirs that KROQ was playing. But good to see that a good band is getting some love. And they even played "Combat Baby" this time, though a different version with just Emily and the guitarist (as if this crowd that just discovered them for this album would know their best song, which was about three albums ago and never got real air-play). Though hopefully their record label will let them stop touring soon because they're probably getting destroyed being out on the road so much. We missed openers Codeine Velvet Club and Nico Vega (rather purposely in the case of the latter) and instead had a sandwich from the Togo's across the street before going in to the show.

Metric's set-list:
“Twilight Galaxy”
”Satellite Mind”
”Front Row”
”Help I'm Alive”
”Collect Call”
”Gold Guns Girls”
”Gimme Sympathy”
”Sick Muse”
”Dead Disco”
”Stadium Love”

”Monster Hospital”
”Combat Baby” (acoustic)