Friday, December 18, 2015

Pity Sex, December 18, 2015 at the Echo

Andrew goes to more shows than I do, and when we meet up for shows it's usually because we were going to go separately, but sometimes I can go because he has good taste in good bands to check out. I had a free Friday night so we met up to check out Pity Sex. I probably hadn’t heard of them save for an ad or a mention in the Weekly (it’s hard to miss that name) but there’s no reason to pass up a show at the Echo, the venue I most wish I’d visit more. Usually I’m there for big enough names that they pack out the place but the places gets some of the best up-and-comers on such a small stage that you know you couldn’t get much more intimate without knowing them personally. We were around the corner at Mohawk Bend having dinner and drinks so we missed Eskimeaux (rather on purpose, for the name alone) but also Colleen Green, a local gal who would have been part of the draw for us but we figured we’d see her again (which at least I did not). It was the first time I’d investigated a band on Amazon Music (then YouTube) to familiarize myself with them before the show, and they sounded better with the recorded versions. Scrappy, young bands can be electric in concert, which can easily be lost when recorded in the studio, but they can also get a little too sloppy live. But it could have also been the first glimpse of a band on the way up and we got to see them that close and without a big crowd, but apparently they dissolved after that (or didn’t, and just never came up on our radar again). Andrew and I kept going to shows at the Echo, though more without each other.