Monday, December 9, 2013

Lissie, December 9 at the Fonda

On a Saturday afternoon we were driving to Carla's parents house listening to KCRW and they had a giveaway for Lissie tickets. I don't use my membership perks enough and I happened to be a member at that time, so I called called up and there were the tickets. Not really so much a contest, just a call-in. But we got the tickets and it was as good as buying them. We had considered going when they went on sale but we'd seen her relatively recently so we skipped it. But if the tickets were free, why not? The show was similar to the one at the Masonic Lodge, except that her songs felt a little more lived-in. Plus she played more new ones, which didn't seem as personal as the older stuff, though the production on the album (Back to Forever) was better and it translated well enough to a live setting. She herself might be making a point of not selling out and going pop, but her music made an effort to be more accessible. She may not have moved much further up in the world after breaking out with her first album and since the past shows, but at least she got to the Fonda, which is still pretty good. Lissie's set-list: "Bully" "Record Collector" "Sleepwalking" "Love in the City" "The Habit" "When I'm Alone" "They All Want You" "I Don't Wanna Go to Work" "Little Lovin'" "Everywhere I Go" "Shameless" "Shroud" "Further Away (Romance Police)" "In Sleep" "Oh Mississippi" "Hold On, We're Going Home" (Drake cover) "Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)" (Kid Cudi cover)