Thursday, September 20, 2007

Arcade Fire/LCD Soundsystem, September 20 at the Hollywood Bowl

The Arcade Fire show last week at the Hollywood Bowl was nearly the same one as the one at the Greek a few months ago (same set list as far as I could tell, and Regina seemed to be the only one who changed outfits) but that's not a crime. It's a great show, one I could see once a month and never get tired of. Arcade Fire were already playing the Bowl with only two albums to their credit but you could see their trajectory from their first album, that it was only a matter of time before they played arenas. The Bowl's soundsystem isn't always equipped for rock shows like that but, hey, it's the Bowl. But Arcade Fire need that big, wide-open space to really let their music free. And LCD Soundsystem, the openers, are fantastic. I couldn't quite appreciate both LCD and Neon Bible until later, well after the show, when I really got into those. Maybe this show was just forward thinking.

I don't remember who I went to that show with. I want to say I was with Vanessa but I went to the Greek show with her and she generally wouldn't go to a show twice. I'd also say Jerry but that's only because he lives across the street from there and I always assume I'm at shows there with him because it's so accessible for him.

Arcade Fire's set-list:
"Black Mirror"
"Keep the Car Running"
"Neighborhood #2 (Laika)"
"No Cars Go"
"(Antichrist Television Blues)"
"My Body Is a Cage"
"Ocean of Noise"
"Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)"
"Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)"
"Rebellion (Lies)"

"The Well and the Lighthouse"
"Wake Up"