Thursday, March 26, 2009

Great Northern, March 26 at the Roxy

I had seen Great Northern almost a year before and had liked them enough to buy their album at the show and, in a bit of a coincidence, my concert-going friends were putting together plans to see them but those plans fell through so Vanessa and I made a plan to see their next show. I hadn't been to the Roxy in a few years and it hadn't changed. Vanessa and I also hadn't changed, drinking at the sushi place across the street before the show then at the Rainbow Room next door then another one or two at the show. KROQ had sponsored it as a "Locals Only" show since they had played the band, you know, like, once. I had enjoyed Great Northern before as openers and here their opener, Lemon Sun (who I had also seen 20 seconds of a few months before), was enjoyable as well, playing some pleasant Hot Hot Heat-type rock that we drunkenly danced along to. I don't clearly remember much of boths bands but I remember it was a good time. Great Northern rocked out more than I remembered, mostly on new material that takes it up a bit from their intial, kinda sleepy but entirely likable stuff. They're apparently trying to establish a fan base in their local L.A. so I'll look forward to seeing them again.

Pictures and alternate review.